GPS City Explorer Treasure Hunt

Explore, learn, compete - a unique and interactive way to explore the city whilst building your team.

Challenge Includes

The city streets are your playground as you get out and about to explore, learn and compete against other teams in our unique and interactive GPS City Explorer event.  Armed with our Samsung Galaxy Tablet as your tour guide, this is team building with an interactive twist as you work together to locate the city based hotspots, answer questions and earn points.  

Along the way you’ll discover some great facts about your location, delve into historical happenings, identify famous people and places and learn great new things – this really is interactive learning and fun at its best!

Add to that the unique ‘City Hunt Challenge’ – a creative scavenger hunt designed to stretch your team and get them thinking out of the box… Will you be able to buy five items that cost exactly £1, which local shop sells the cheapest tin of beans and just who are the local Councillors?  Plus they’ll be loads more challenges to stretch your grey matter and get you thinking creatively! If you love exploring, learning new things and enjoy working in a team then this is the event for you.  

Let our GPS City Explorer open your eyes to your surroundings, provide you with an opportunity to get interactive and help your team start working together for a city-based team experience that’s unrivalled.

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See for yourself...
Group participating in a Wildgoose digital treasure hunt
The tablets were hassle-free to use and this is definitely the only way to have a treasure hunt! Amsterdam City Explorer
Such an amazing way to do a team building exercise. It was well run, really good fun and a great way to get out and see Brighton. Simmons & Simmons - Brighton City Explorer
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Fully Managed Prices*

Participants Half Day Full Day
First 20 £55.00 N/A
Next 30 £45.00 N/A
Remaining £35.00 N/A

* Prices are per person and exclusive of VAT at the standard rate. Travel expenses may apply for overseas locations.

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