Braids in the Professional Workplace

Braids of various styles can be seen on many heads all over the world. The African heritage members of our society brought the braids to the world, and the braids have taken on a life of their own.

A lot of fashion models, stay at home moms, businessmen, teenagers, and even small children wear some type of braid upon their head. The style is easy to maintain, and the look is fashionable. Women like braids because it is easy to alter into different looks for different occasions and situations. Parents prefer braids for their children for the reason that braids don’t require much up keep once they are in the hair. Everyone has specific reasons for enjoying braids.

Let’s take a look at the descriptions of a few braid types, you may decide to have them for yourself.

Cornrow braids – consist of 3 thin strands, intertwined and woven closely against the scalp. The final look is sleek and simply elegant.

twist braids – are created by taking 2 or more strands of hair and wrapping them around each other. This style is extremely versatile and graceful.

Micro braids – are tiny and delicate. Taking 3 strands (sections) of hair and braiding from top to bottom, a decidedly dramatic effect is the result. Depending on the length of your hair, this style is very versatile.

Nubian knots – are simple single stand twists achieved by taking a section of damp or wet hair and wrap it around your finger or rattail comb several times until the section is tight against the scalp. The knot is then secured with hair glue, or hairpin. This look is most popular with men and young children.

Tree braids – are a method using cornrows to attach extensions of artificial hair to your natural hair without having to use hair glue, or sewing.

There are numereous other braid styles, and more are invented every day. Women that Wear twist braids would be proud to spread the style.

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