Contemplate Putting Aluminum Deck Balusters to Your Project

Aluminum-plastic composite panels are usedmore and more widely in interior decoration, building curtain wall decoration
and building exterior wall renovation. Alucoworld aluminum-plastic composite
panel is popular among users because of its light weight, rich pattern, fast
construction, waterproof and impact resistance, easy cleaning and durability.

Alucoworld aluminum composite panels aremainly divided into fluorocarbon aluminum composite panels and polyester
aluminum composite panels for outdoor curtain wall and interior decoration. The
surface coating of the two aluminum-plastic sheets is different, which
determines the different occasions for which it is applicable, and the price of
different aluminum-plastic panels. Alucoworld polyester aluminum composite
panel, which is not suitable for outdoor use, will accelerate its aging process
and cause discoloration and discoloration. The surface coating of Alucoworld
fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel is made of PTFE fluorocarbon coating with
strong UV resistance, it has excellent performance in outdoors.

The price of aluminum composite panel price hasalways been a topic of concern to people, so what is the price of aluminum
composite panel?

In the aluminum-plastic panel industry, thequotation is not casually carried out, it has a special calculation formula.
Maybe each manufacturer has a slight difference, but the overall difference is
not big. There are many reasons for affecting the price of aluminum composite
panels, such as raw materials, labor, machine depreciation, management costs,
etc., but the biggest factor affecting the price fluctuation is raw materials.

In general, the raw materials ofaluminum-plastic composite panels are mainly aluminum alloy materials and
polyethylene plastics. The same thickness of different types of aluminum alloys
are not the same in price, while the same type of material, the thickness will
also affect the price fluctuation to a certain extent.

Secondly, the difference in compositematerials on the surface of aluminum-plastic composite panels also leads to
different prices. Film, fluorocarbon, roller coating… The better the surface
decoration material, the more expensive it is. The use of a good brand of
polymer binder in the intermediate composite adhesive will also lead to an
increase in the production cost of the aluminum composite panel.

The difference in the production process ofaluminum-plastic composite panels will also result in different aluminum
composite panel price. Let’s take an example of hollow aluminum composite panel
and general aluminum composite panel.

In the general impression, hollowaluminum-plastic composite panels are no different from ordinary
aluminum-plastic composite panels. Although they have inevitable links, there
are different production processes and production processes. What looks similar
is because of the different processes. The price is also different.

The most obvious feature of the hollowaluminum-plastic panel is the various hollow perforated pattern on the surface
of the aluminum panel. The pattern can be customized according to different
styles of customers, thus achieving a decorative effect. The reason why hollow
aluminum-plastic panels are more expensive is in the process of producing these

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