Quick tips to improve your online poker game in a few days

Playing online poker is quite easy, but for novices, it can be a bit difficult. Though poker is not a clumsy game, it demands a certain level of maturity and understanding of self. Novices need some quick tips to improve their chances to win in online mode.


This article provides you with some handy tips which can enhance your understanding of online poker playing in just a few days. Give it a chance as it provides some handy points which can be very helpful.


Minimal hands and Aggressive playing before the flop


In online poker, there are some limits to the numbers of hands you can play before the flop. If you play too many hands you can empty your chips kitty which is not preferable at all.


There should lie a bag full of patience in your mind. Don’t be in hassles and play any hands.


You should create a definite strategy prior in preflop. Making a base is very vital to pursue further in the specific hand. Though making it a habit is quite difficult, but you can always give it a try. Stick to them at any cost. Do not play impatiently and also should not play those hands which are not worth playing.


Playing minimal numbers of hand before the flop is productive with a mandatory input of aggressiveness. When you raise your opponents blindly is a good approach. Raising and playing aggressive wins the hands and ultimately the whole game poker1001.


Big blind should be defended at any cost


The big blind should be played with intense care and grit. When you are sitting in the big blind and facing a situation where you have to raise then keep on raising. You will be availed with a big pot and eventually will win that if you are equipped with strong cards. You are at  the position of calling many more hands being the last person to act preflop compared to any other sitting position.


Here are three of the most important table rules if you are in a big blind-:


  • Raiser position is critical. Keep on playing dynamically with both tight and loose hands in contradiction of the early and late positions respectively.
  • The number of players involved. Play tighter if 1 or more player had called raise.
  • The magnitude of raise amount. More the raise size tighter should be your approach. Less the raise looser should be your approach.


Folding is must, when you are in a dilemma 


There is one big difference between a pro player and a novice one in a game of poker online. The player can let go a good hand when they think they are not on driving seat. It may sound very easy, but our minds are built in a complex way. We don’t want to let go if we have good cards. It will cause a loss if the opponent has better cards than you. We are naturally eager and want to win. By folding, we often surrender our opportunity to win the pot, but it will help in the long run. The drive to compare our cards with the opponents is way bigger.


Other player weakness should be countered by a heavy attack


If there is a situation where your opponent is showing his weakness in a pot, check on the flop and turn, then you can opt for aggressive bluffing as it will provide you with an edge over the opponent. You should also bluff with weak hands and sometimes include bluffing while having nothing in hands. It provides uncertainty in your playing style. The opponent cannot easily decode this strategy as it is very much unexpected. Though you should restrain from using this often as some of the pro players give immense attention to this type of play. In place of using it continuously, you should opt for semi-bluff, as it will provide a chance of winning.


These handy tips can be very comfortable to improve your online poker game. These brief tips are considered if you want to get a hold of some key strategies for online poker. Keep the mind open and adapt according to the circumstances is the key.

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