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The Varsham movie is absolutely a bliss to watch in telugu. Prbhas and Trisha combination has become the biggest and successful in Telugu film industry. This movie will definitely make you feel better and you will fall in love with the drama going around it. Varsham is a very pleasant and lovable story of Venkat and Shailaja. These love birds have any huddles to face and have struggles. This was one the milestone in Prabhas’s career and gave a good kick to his life. It is a huge festival to all his fans and trisha too. Watch movies online free which are available on Aha. Watch varsham movie online happily on Aha.



Varsham is a beautiful love story of Venkat and Shailu, the biggest villain in their love is Bhadranna. Its find of the love drama involves lots of violence. Soo the story begins like Venkat and Shailu meet on a rainy day in the train station. At the first sight itself, Venkat falls in love with Shailu where she dances like a doll. At that moment only Bhadranna also sees her and wants to get married to her. Whenever the rain falls Shailu and Venkat tend to meet fortunately, slowly they bond over and fall in love with each other that they don’t care of the word. The black sheep in the story is Shailu’s father Ranga Rao. he was ready to give his daughter to that rowdy Bhadranna for money. He plays all kinds of games and waste all the money. In the similar way Ranga Rao forces Shailu to be the heroine in the film otherwise he will die. With his force she tries to be an actress. By this time there are many clashes between venkat and Shailu. Watch the movie to know will they clear the clashes and fall for each other again.

Technical Aspects:

  • Varsham movie has the most beautiful and amazing music that will melt the hearts and fall for it. The introduction song of the heroine is still on the loop for many music lovers. It is always an evergreen musical movie in telugu.
  • Cast of the movie is the strongest pillar for the movie, they are all stars and as usual they have killed the acting skills.
  • This movie is just amazing at its own level of writing from dialogues to the story. Everything seems very interesting that you can never get bored of it by watching it after years.
  • Varsham has all the production values at the right checklist.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Prabhas

Actress: Trisha

Other Actress: Prakash Raj, Gopichand, Sunil

Director: Sobhan

Producer: M.S. Raju

Dialogues: Paruchuri Brothers

Screenplay: M.S. Raju

Story Writer: VeeruPotla

Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad

Cinematographer: S. Gopal Reddy

Editor: K. V. Krishna Reddy

Other Information:

Release Date: 14 January 2004

Running Time: 159 minutes

Box Office: ₹33 gross crore

Watch movies online free which are available on Aha. Watch varsham movie online happily on Aha.

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